Monday, August 22

Amazing Monday. Matriculation days 5.

Afternoon readers. Actually I have finished and published this writing at 2 pm this afternoon. But, I must postpone it. And my writing lost became draft. I don't know why it draft is empty.

I must postpone it. Because I am too hungry and must eat something after I am back home from the college. And now I continuing my writing.

Todays topic is about the matriculation days 5. Today was so superb and amazing. Because why? I have met 2 new lecturer. They both are man. The first session is by mam Endang. So slow and happy. Mam Endang remind me about my previous Economic teacher when I am in high school, Mam Sri Hardatin. Mam Sri and Mam Endang look same by their face, their body and their way when they speaking. Are they siblings? Why can be same like that. Hohoho. I am so much miss mam Sri.

Mam Endang was so kind and I like her. She continued her materials about SKS or System Credit Semester. It cools material.

The second session is by Mister Sudarsono. He was totally cool, little bit funny, and inspirational. I am feel slapped by him. Actually it's because my stupidness. I don't know yet, if the road that I pass during I am at this university is wrong. And last meeting I recently know. How stupid I am.

I didn't realize that. I just confuse when I am pass these road. Why this road is so deserted? So thats the answer. It is not a right road. Hmm. I am so sad.

Then Mister make all of us shocked. He order us to make 2 sentences using the tenses. Waaa. I am so shocked. And hurriedly write all of the sentences. Little bit scary if I making mistake. But fortunately I remember that all of the simple tenses asked by the lecturer. Thanks God.

The last session is by Mister Gatot. Cool too. But my listening is not too good. I also asking my friend. If she feel same like me, that mister Gatot when he speaking is little bit hard to understand? My friend say yes. Its little bit hard to understand. Sorry mister. But Mister Gatot was totally cool when he bring the materials about Time Management Skill. He remind us our purpose when we are here. Our purpose is finish the study less or equal to 4 years. We must not take long time to finish it. So, we must hardwork! And managed our time, planned it, and make the good program.. He also give a great advice that surely I will remember it forever. You come here to study here is you must be happy. If not. Leave it.

I also impressed by the slogan last noon. When he ask us to stand up and then asking, "Are you ready to finish the study just 4 years?". We answer with loud sound, "Yes, I am ready."  What a beautiful moment.

That is all of my story about last morning till noon activity. Matriculation days 5. Amazing Monday! Thanks for all the great lecturers. They are all is my inspiration. I hope my English language ability and skill is proficient and fluent. Also will be more good and more more more etc. But to be like they are. I must learn much and hardwork.

August 22nd, 2016. 4.44pm

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