Sunday, August 28

Diary of today, 28 August 2016.

Alhamdulillah for today. But so hot and high temperature in the noon and afternoon too. Last morning I wake up late. Because last night I am read fifty chapter of wattpad novel. Haha. What a crazy! The story that I red last night was so touching me and also inspire me. So beautiful describe by the writers. So beautiful plot and amazing story. Read by around the world, hundred millions view. I totally enjoyed the story. Although the story in English, and there's a little bit vocab that I don't know yet. But I still to try to search the meaning.

Oh. That was last night story. And make me become unproductive because whole hours I use just to read the story in wattpad.

So. Last morning I am waking up late. And hurriedly drive my motorcycle with full speed. Like a racer I think. Its also little bit dangerous. Fortunately I am not coming late at that meeting. Routine meeting of the member of Library Creative Center. I am the person who came first. Little bit embarrassed because our mentor come first than us, his students. And all the other members come late. So that meeting just attended by 12 people.

I am come home then at 1 pm. So hungry after that meeting. I decided to buy a geprek chicken. It is a fried floured chicken with so many chilies in it. That is my favorite food.

After that in my house. My aunt and my cousin also my uncle come to visit my grandma.

Then I busy with my preparations for tomorrow. That is Orientation for the new student of the University. Little bit scare. Totally scare if us making mistakes. Because the senior was so high tempered and have bad manner. They easily angry and not tolerate any mistake. They also like to bullying their junior. Haha. So kiddish.

The preparation was so complicated me. I tired and it spent my money so much. I hope the orientation will be good and there is much advantages from the event.

Now. Its evening. I just feel so sleepy. Last noon, my crush come here unpredictably. I was little bit shock. But control myself to become cool girl. Haha. Such an acting.

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