Tuesday, August 23

Matriculation days 6, so much pressure.

Night readers. Assalamualaikum. Today is matriculation days 6. And tomorrow is the placement test. I hope I can get good class. Last morning till noon. It just 2 session, because the last session is only waste time. You know what? The lecturer in last session doesn't come to the class. I little bit sad.

First session is about grammar again. I am so much impressed by this lecturer. He is totally cool. But I little bit scare. I think he is someone who doesn't accept any mistake. You know what, he was said this last meeting. "Do you know the difference between human and non-human beings?" Actually I want to answer his questions. The answer is "So many difference. Is it a must or important thing to us to mention the many things like that?" I scare to answer or to ventilate horizontally. I scare if I make mistake. The best solution is just be quiet I think. I must learn hard if I want to attend his class. I don't want make any mistake.

He then said about the importance of words. Like offend me. Like he now my condition right now. I am a ugly girl who love a perfect man. Haha ignore this.

But he motivated me. Because the perfect man, who have a pointed nose, white skin, tall, smart can falling in love with a ugly girl. It so much offend my condition now. Yes, now I am falling in love with that kind of man. He motivated me. That the perfect man can falling in love with this ugly girl because THE WORDS. So we the ugly girl must be soft and gentle when we are speak. We must speak with good words, with good grammar and must FOLLOW THE RULES. If we want to be an ugly girl who can make the perfect man falling in love. So cool motivation from him. But so much pressure. We must speak and writing grammatically. If we're not, then he can said that us is sick, that us is crazy. Little bit irritating. Because you know what. I conclude that he doesn't accept any mistakes. So in order we not make any mistake, we must learn hard and know the rules. So much pressure. Oh God. Make me strong!

The second session is about ICT. It is stand from Information Communication and Technology. Really amazing way he use to explain the materials. I am also impressed by him. He used game ways to explain the materials. So nice way, and make us don't feel sleepy. Make us happy.

The last session is we just waiting. But the lecturer doesn't come to the class. So sad.

August 23, 2016. 10.14pm

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