Thursday, August 25

My Big Happiness. Miracles happen in my life.

This month I feel, that I am the luckiest girl in the world. You know what? Since I was in Junior High School I always dreaming to have my own room like my other friends do. But till I finished my study at the Senior High School I didn't get my dream. I try to always positive thinking that maybe someday I will buy house not just a room. So kiddish dream. But now! Miracle happen to my life. I am never thinking that I will live far away from my parent. I never think and never imagine that such of life. 

But now! Everything we called fate happen. I am being an independent girl who just live with my brother and my grandmother, Its my big happiness in my life. I totally grateful to Allah Almighty. But now! I am have my own room. Although its just temporary and maybe the next next years it is no longer become my room. It become my sister and my mother also my father room. But now, I totally happy. Fill this room with my own thing. Fill this room with my own style. Sleep alone with peace. So much space to lie down at bed, at the floor. So much happy and cannot describe by the words. My past past dream come true this month. I remember the exactly I moved into this room, August 16, 2016. I forget to write this post at that time. Because little bit busy with college activities.

Actually have own room is my happier moment. I never felt like this before. I am happy. Its feel more make me happy than when I am announced become the first champion in a competition or in the class ranking. Its more. The feeling is more strong than even I am get my salary from teaching my student.

My room is purple floored and it is so sweet. With 2 plastic cupboard and my room was big and simple. It is my type of room. I doesn't like a big and luxurious room. Maybe I like it when I get married, hahahaha. Now I am a college student, so I love just a simple room.

August 25, 2016.

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