Monday, August 29


Hello readers. Today was so dam* amazing and excited day ever. Although I am very very tired. This day was the first day of the orientation.

We as the new student must come at 6.15. And little bit I thinking about our seniors. Yahhh. They must come inevitably earlier than us as the new students. But my sympathies feel just lost when one or two or three of them, act bad and love to shouting at us. Yelling so cruel and make me scared of their shouts. They said the impolite wordings. Oh my god. I dislike something trash like that. But not all of them doing such thing. Half of them, still kind and act good to us, I think.

I am coming on time. Because I wake up earlier today. But still I am passed my breakfast. Make me hungry at the morning.

But also Thanks god. Before the ceremony, the seniors order us to eat our bread that we bring from home. At morning, the opening ceremony collect all the student from all of the faculties in this University.  It is so crowded. And make us difficult to breath even the field was so large. Too crowded.

Also, in the morning. I little bit shock, that our friends get devil entrance alias possessed. She just scream and shout. Make me scare haha. I always hope that I always in God protection. Because I am ever feel the "possessed". I am ever suffer from that for 2 weeks. So horrible. I am lost my mind. Act like a crazy people. It is my totally bad past and must be forgotten forever.

If I remember that thing. My hearts being so bleed and so hurt. It is because the bad soul that surrounded us. And as the solution for that things, is only make us more near to Allah Almighty. Allah is our savior and can protect us from all the bad things.

In noon. Happen again. And many of our friends get sick. I think it is normal. Why? Can you imagine. In that small room, thousand people gathered there? What a crazy! Sure they will be sick. In there is no good air conditioning. So hot and crowded. Difficult to breath well.

In sholat or prayers time. It was queue and take a long time. It is normal because the mosque is small. Fortunately I am khusyu doing my prayers even in crowded.

We also get meals during the event. But. The meals was not good enough. Haha. No chicken, no sambal, no chilies. What kind of food. But we must be grateful.

In the end of the event. We get new clothes. It is make us so happy getting new dress. Although it is not free. We pay that as package when we pay our tuition fee.

And now. I am so sleepy and much tired. Need rest. But not yet buy the bread. Omg. I am not have much energy to go out from my room. Just lay on here. Feel so sleepy. But must posted this blog everyday.

August 29, 2016. Tired so much. Bye

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