Thursday, August 25


Hello readers. I don't know what is word Tepar in English. It is Indonesian Bahasa gaul. Hehe. Maybe the closest meaning of Tepar is Tired. Maybe?

Today was so hurry. I am late to go to campus, because you know? Traffic. Totally hate that. But it just not only me, other student was do the same thing. Haha.

Last morning at the campus, we are held a technical meeting for the orientation next monday. Its called PAMB, Percepatan Adaptasi Mahasiswa Baru in my university.  Such as an event to welcoming the new students' of the University. That event will lasting for 3 days in a row. From 29 till 31 of this month.

Now is 25, so I am free for 4 days. Not mean free, you know what, we must prepare many things to do that orientation. That was so complicated thing. Make us feel difficult and all of those things need money not leaves you know. But its okay, it just be our beautiful experiences that only happen once in our life. So I do it with pacify heart.

But I little bit annoyed by a bad seniors. They act so rude and arrogant. Why can be like that? Are you mad at us? We are a university students, we no need the rude words from all of seniors like you. Just tell us with a good wordings, sure we will follow the rules. Don't be mad like that. Scream and shouting such a bad manner human. Moreover, we are all here the candidates of teacher. No need to scream or shout let alone say bad wordings to your junior. Be kind and be humble is the best way to make your junior keep respect on you.

This time. Or this afternoon, also my grandmother made me so suck and feel bad. Look like I am can be mad because her. But I hope it not be like that. I just wanna be a normal girl and healthy mind girl.

She look angry with me. And when I ask her "Grandma do you want to eat something?" she just quiet and not responding me. What kind of person she is. So kiddish.

This noon also make me tired so much. I am recently washed 2 big clothes washing basin. Oh my god. My back. So make me suffered. I am promise to my self that it will be not happen anymore. Because I want be more discipline girl. And wash the things on time.

Just a diary of today.
August 25, 2016. 4.30pm.

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