Wednesday, August 24

The end of matriculation.

Today was the test. Its 140 question about listening comprehension, structure and reading comprehension. I admit it was so difficult. Primely about the listening. It so hard for me to understand what the native speakers saying. They pronounce is great and so hard for me to understand. Not just me, even my friends here too.

I bet I get just an average score. And I admit my English still bad. I must repair it immediately because English is my major study.

My lecturer was so inspiring. He said that as a college student we must be independent. The student must by self to search the information. No reason accept if you just said "don't know the information". The study activities also will start at the first week of the September 2016.

Today was so nice day. And tomorrow will be technical meeting of the new student orientation. No spirit today. I am tired.

August 24, 2016. 9.28pm

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