Sunday, August 21

What an amazing day today!

Hello readers. I just wanna tell you what happened this morning. Today was so amazing and inspirational day for me and of course for all of my friend in LCC. This sunday was so opened my mind. In this LCC last morning, we so lucky because a famous and success novelis Sidik Nugroho come and share his knowledge to us. What kind of a honour.

I am totally inspired and wanna be like him. Have much published novel by a famous publisher in this country,  GRAMEDIA. I wanna be a good readers also good writers. I wanna be famous like my favorite novelis, AsmaNadia, J.K Rowling also IlanaTan and SuriRyana.

Now. I am not yet take a bath. I am worried if he come suddenly and I am not prepare my best look for him. Okay that's all readers. I'll be back at eve.

August 21st, 2016. 4.43 pm

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