Tuesday, September 6

Although I am write this blog, I keep trying writing in my diary.

I love to write diary since I am in elementary school. I totally childisih at that time. I am angry with my Father, then I write in a book. That a bad and not elite wording.

Although everyday I write this post in this blog. I still trying to write my diary. Because something is too private to be share. Uhm. If I angry and hate someone, better I write in my diary.

My diary is not organized well. Because, my handwriting was so horrible. I am also not a tidy person. But I try to be tidy, to be better. I Will always try and try.

I have bad memories with my diaries. It is because my Mother like to read my diary. I am getting mad and furious. Because in there so many secret in my life. My love story, my feelings. Since my Mom read mine. I am lazy to write. Scare if her read mine again.

I then try to write using korean alphabetics. Its so much help. Because their letter shape different and my Mom doesn't know that. Then, I become bore. Because I must memorize all of the alphabets.

Next, I use English. It is so much help me again. My Mom doesn't know what I am writing. Sorry Mom. Its my privacy. I can't let anyone read mine.

It is the history of my diary. I love to writing. Because it can relieves my sufferness. It can make me feel more better when I get problem. Writing also made us smarter I think. Prove, I always get first position in my class.

Tuesday, 6th September 2016.

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