Friday, September 2

Good morning the first friday of September16.

Hello readers. Something bad happen. I already done write this post. But my phone crashed and all the story gone. What the...

Forget it. Better I rewrite it again. Okay. This morning post I prefer to write in English. I want to improve my English writing skill. Because I am so bad in English. I just take this major because one reason, I am dreaming to get master and doctor degree in UK or USA.

Now. Friday morning. Friday is my favorite day. But not only Friday. I love monday, saturday, and sunday too. Friday is good day for Muslims. I cut my finger nails only in this day.

Now too. I am chasing by house task. I must wash my clothes. So many clothes. Oh my god. Need many hours to finish that. I prepare my mental right now. So horrible to see that the dirty clothes are so many.

Okay. Bye readers. Better I start to wash. I don't want to postpone it anymore.

2nd September 2016.

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