Sunday, April 30

Sekarang. Saya sedang diare. Nggak enak banget. Setelah baca baca baca. YaAmpun. Padahal saya merasa saya nggak makan apa2 yang pedes atau gimana gitu. Do you know what the reason is? Saya hanya bisa terhenyak melihat penyebab yang terakhir itu, yaitu rasa takut dan cemas berlebihan.

Jujur aja. Saya stress banget sekarang ini. Tugas gilak banget, banyak banget. Mana kerja lagi. Rasanya gak kuat. Astaghfirullah.

Sekarang. Saya memutuskan istirahat. Alhamdulillah besok libur. Ternyata saya nggak bisa manage waktu dengan baik. Tugas tugas kuliah saya semuanya berantakan. Hmm.

Thursday, April 27

Wednesday, April 26

Learning English language needs various strategies. There are four common strategies usually used by learners to learn English language :
1. First , read as much as possible. More vocabularies will be added automatically into brain through reading. Reading materials can be various kind of novels, books, comics, stories, biography, and articles.
2. Second , write a lot. There are infinite phrases in English language. Writing can improve the ability to produce various words, phrases and sentences. Not only improve the ability of producing words, phrases and sentences, but it is also improve the creativity of a writer.
3. Then , listen more and more of native speakers. Get used with native speaker speaking. Listening to various topics gives lots of experiences of English language.
4. The last one is speaking. After adding more vocabularies through reading, improving creativity through writing and getting new experiences of how native speakers talk through listening, then try your improved English language through speaking. Speaking fluently means that the strategies are working. But, if the strategies doesn’t work, speaking English language will be difficult. So, try harder and always practice regularly.

ICT is an abbreviation of Information and Communication Technology. ICT includes internet, wireless network, mobile phones, and other communication technologies which provide access to an unlimited range of information from anywhere and anytime in this world through telecommunication.

ICT is similar with IT. However, it focus on communication technology, on the other hand, IT focus on information.
Since its discovery, it provides many benefits to the society. People nowadays can communicate in a real time with other people from another countries because of ICT. It happens because ICT doesn't have limited range of time and space.
Tons of social media provide various service in communication through ICT. In 1997, the first recognizable social media was created. It is Six Degrees which enable the members to create a profile of themselves and make some new friends from different places through internet.
People always innovate to make new kind of social media which supposed to fulfill the needs of the users that always changing depends on the era.
Some websites such MySpace and LinkedIn being famous in the early of 20th century. YouTube
was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. They are Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

Both Facebook and Twitter came out in 2006 and they are very famous throughout the world. Today, there are many sites that provide many services to fulfill the users needs.

Tuesday, April 18

Sekarang. Saya sedang menjalani program penting banget.

Nama programnya : Shalihah, Beauty and Smart Lass.

Tau tak rasanya jalankan program itu? Menderita luar biasa bukan main. Salah satu program itu yaitu beauty. Definisi beauty menurut saya, postur bagus, wajah bening cerah. Nah. Bagian itu sangat menyiksa. Tiap hari saya menyisihkan waktu mengambil kain, mencelupkan kain tersebut ke dalam gelas berisi air susu, baru kemudian memolesnya di wajah. Dan biarkan semalaman. Saya Benci sekali melakukan itu. Tapi ya mau gimana. No pain no gain.

Nanti saya update yg lainnya.

Dini hari. Malam buta. Masih selasa, April 18, 2017.

Monday, April 17

Right now. I feel really depressed. There are so many things need to be done. Let me list what I should done this month:
1. Pay the motorcycle tax+house tax.
2. Make passport.
3. College Assignments:
     a. CCU PowerPoint + Its paper.
     b. ICT Blog Posts.
     c. Crazy linguistic assignments.
     d. Must be typed reading assignments.
     e. Regular listening assignments.
4. Make essay for Ayu Utami workshop.
5. Shooting and Editing Video for Ecomentary contest.

So many things need to be done. However, the time always not enough. Actually the problem is from myself. I just trapped in crazy workplace. I hope I can resign from that as soon as possible. Should I waiting for 3 months again to end the contract? Actually, I really want to stop right now.

Monday, April 17, 2017.

Really provoke title isn't it? If it was not, you won't be here.

So, today I'm gonna share with you that I have been decide something big. Although, it was not really matter for everyone, but it's really important for me. I realize that I am a type of person that has unexplain problem. I used to have unexplain anxiety. I don't know why, I used to have negative thinking about myself. I really really have lack of confident. I am really a shy person. I feel scary to speak up about anything. But today, after search for explanation that can encourage me. Yesterday night, I got it.

I choose to be brave. I choose to be confident. Before this blog, I have made so many blog. The previous one is 6 months old blog. It has 400+ of blog posts. That blog tells about my journey and my transition from a high school student become a college student. However, do you know what? I choose to delete it. Because what? Again, because of my unexplain anxiety.

To be honest. That unexplain anxiety really makes me uncomfortable. But until this day, I choose to be brave. No matter what kind of negative criticism from people, life must go on. You can not make everyone in this world like you. Just accept it, ignore it, and move forward.

Pontianak, Monday, April 17, 2017.

Tuesday, April 4

Assalamualaikum everyone. Good morning and Hi! Hope you have a nice day today. Okay, this is my writing course assignment. I think it is worth to share for all of you who want to write something or to learn about how to write. Let's check it out guys. 

Writing a paragraph requires some important aspects. The first is coherence. Coherence in here means that all the ideas in a paragraph run smoothly from one sentence to the next sentence. The sentences should be organized in a logical way and should follow a certain plan of development. Coherence is the quality that makes the writing understandable. It can be improved by strengthening the ties between old information and new.With coherence, the reader can easily understand the ideas on the paragraph. 
The second is cohesion. Cohesion means that all the supporting sentences connect to each other and also to the topic sentence. It can be defined as the links that hold a text together and give it meaning. To have the cohesion aspect the writer needs to use the cohesion devices. Cohesion devices are like connectors, conjunction, pronoun and definite articles. Individual sentences can have connections within them. A word that connects parts of a sentence is called a conjunction. The common coordinating conjunctions are: 'but', 'or', 'and', 'yet', 'nor'. There are also subordinating conjunctions. These establish the relationship between a dependent clause and the rest of the sentence. A few common examples are: 'as', 'because', 'whereas', 'in order that', 'since', 'although'.
The last aspect is unity. Unity means that one paragraph contains only one main idea. The entire paragraph should focus on it. The supporting sentences should explain it. The concluding sentence should end the paragraph with the same idea. So, a unified paragraph presents a topic or idea, supports it with enough details and completes it with a conclusion. In a unified paragraph, all the supporting sentences serve to explain or to describe the main idea contains in the topic sentence.

Monday, April 3