Right now. I feel really depressed. There are so many things need to be done. Let me list what I should done this month:
1. Pay the motorcycle tax+house tax.
2. Make passport.
3. College Assignments:
     a. CCU PowerPoint + Its paper.
     b. ICT Blog Posts.
     c. Crazy linguistic assignments.
     d. Must be typed reading assignments.
     e. Regular listening assignments.
4. Make essay for Ayu Utami workshop.
5. Shooting and Editing Video for Ecomentary contest.

So many things need to be done. However, the time always not enough. Actually the problem is from myself. I just trapped in crazy workplace. I hope I can resign from that as soon as possible. Should I waiting for 3 months again to end the contract? Actually, I really want to stop right now.

Monday, April 17, 2017.

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