Wednesday, April 26


Learning English language needs various strategies. There are four common strategies usually used by learners to learn English language :
1. First , read as much as possible. More vocabularies will be added automatically into brain through reading. Reading materials can be various kind of novels, books, comics, stories, biography, and articles.
2. Second , write a lot. There are infinite phrases in English language. Writing can improve the ability to produce various words, phrases and sentences. Not only improve the ability of producing words, phrases and sentences, but it is also improve the creativity of a writer.
3. Then , listen more and more of native speakers. Get used with native speaker speaking. Listening to various topics gives lots of experiences of English language.
4. The last one is speaking. After adding more vocabularies through reading, improving creativity through writing and getting new experiences of how native speakers talk through listening, then try your improved English language through speaking. Speaking fluently means that the strategies are working. But, if the strategies doesn’t work, speaking English language will be difficult. So, try harder and always practice regularly.

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