Monday, April 17

Today, I choose to be brave...

Really provoke title isn't it? If it was not, you won't be here.

So, today I'm gonna share with you that I have been decide something big. Although, it was not really matter for everyone, but it's really important for me. I realize that I am a type of person that has unexplain problem. I used to have unexplain anxiety. I don't know why, I used to have negative thinking about myself. I really really have lack of confident. I am really a shy person. I feel scary to speak up about anything. But today, after search for explanation that can encourage me. Yesterday night, I got it.

I choose to be brave. I choose to be confident. Before this blog, I have made so many blog. The previous one is 6 months old blog. It has 400+ of blog posts. That blog tells about my journey and my transition from a high school student become a college student. However, do you know what? I choose to delete it. Because what? Again, because of my unexplain anxiety.

To be honest. That unexplain anxiety really makes me uncomfortable. But until this day, I choose to be brave. No matter what kind of negative criticism from people, life must go on. You can not make everyone in this world like you. Just accept it, ignore it, and move forward.

Pontianak, Monday, April 17, 2017.

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