Saturday, May 27

Alhamdulillah. Ini hari pertama umat muslim berpuasa. Namun saya tidak menyambut karena biasalah, hal perempuan. Saya benar2 bahagia akan kedatangan bulan penuh berkah ini.

Dari Abu Hurairah radhiyallahu ‘anhu, Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda,

أتاكم رمضان شهر مبارك. فرض الله عز وجل عليكم صيامه، تفتح فيه أبواب السماء، وتغلق فيه أبواب الجحيم، وتغلّ فيه مردة الشياطين، لله فيه ليلة خير من ألف شهر، من حرم خيرها فقد حرم

Telah datang kepada kalian ramadhan, bulan yang penuh berkah. Allah wajibkan kepada kalian puasa di bulan ini. Di bulan ini, akan dibukakan pintu-pintu langit, dan ditutup pintu-pintu neraka, serta setan-setan nakal akan dibelenggu. Demi Allah, di bulan ini terdapat satu malam yang lebih baik dari pada 1000 bulan. Siapa yang terhalangi untuk mendulang banyak pahala di malam itu, berarti dia terhalangi mendapatkan kebaikan. (HR. Ahmad, Nasai 2106, dan dishahihkan Syuaib al-Arnauth).


Thursday, May 25

Hi. Assalamualaikum. Today I'm gonna share to you about using ICT to improve your English.
To be honest, I can't imagine how's life without ICT. Actually it's really hard for me to buy new books to learn, as you know, it is so expensive. It's better for me to use the money to dress well or eat well than to buy books. It's better for me to buy e-book which it is more cheap than books although not comfortable as book. But, in this days ICT really helps us to overcome the money lackness. Wkwkkw. So, here I want to share to you how to use ICT to improve your English.
Before study or learn, firstly, we need to know or concern about our learning style and our goals of study. It's so important because it can make us eager and get motivate to study.
English has 4 aspects. The first is speaking, continued by listening, reading and writing. Here I share to you what I do to acquire all that things using ICT.
1. For speaking, the most difficult aspect, I prefer to use English app like Hello English, you can download it on PlayStore or maybe for IPhone user AppStore. It can make us connect to other English learner. I also like to make English vlog and record myself. What I speak is only what happen to me today, or what I've been thinking or feeling, or whatever. I'm using my phone camera, then practice to speak English. Just speak.
2. For listening, it is very precious advice from my lecturer, Mr. Ikhsanuddin. It is to listen. Just listen to the native speaker. Listen to any English video. Listen from. YouTube. There are so many great sources to listen in YT. Every day, continuously and carefully. I do it almost one year, and amazing now my listening skill is really not bad. Wkwkkw.
3. For reading, the aspect that most of Indonesian really hate to do even me. Wkwkwkkw. Like right now, my assignments are so damn crazy and many. I don't even have any time to read. My mood is really bad because that crazy assignments. My tip for do reading is use e-book or wattpad for fictional book.
4. For writing, the other difficult aspect. What do you need to do is to write. Just write. Practice it everyday. Practice makes perfect. I'm usually use social media to publish my writing and my lecturer usually correct it if I was making mistake. Not only social media but also blog. Use your blog. Don't forget to read book or material about how to write better. You will notice your mistakes on the old or previous posts. Maybe you will laugh of your old or previous posts.
I think that's all. Thanks for your attention. Thank for visiting my blog. I hope this is useful and beneficial. See you on my next study tips. Don't forget to follow this blog. Bye! Wassalamualaikum :)

Source: My mind and my knowledge
Made by me.

Today I just want to give thanks to ICT. ICT really helps me educate myself. Without it, I don't know what will happen to me (a student from a poor family). I even don't have enough money to dress well, even less I need to pay for English teacher?

I really like English since my father gives me an oportunity to join English course. At that time my family's economy condition is still good. Several years from it, my economy family was crashed. Alhamdulillah now is better.

I thanks for ICT because with it I can get my dreams. My dreams become true. Even I can fly to Jakarta last month because the use of ICT. Everyday I watch so many English video telling how to improve our English. Without ICT how can we access it easily, freely? ICT, thank you very much. 

Source: My Mind 😀😃

Wednesday, May 24

"The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74.
It was heavy rain last night. The temperature was extremely cold. The rest of the rain still felt in this Tebing Raya Village. A far away village in Sintang district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. It was a place where there was no lights, no electricity. A place where there was no skyscraper, no highway, and even school. A village that surrounded by notorious Melawi river and extremely great, and beautiful tropical forest.
The sky was blackish and dark. It was four in the early day. The drizzle continued to pour although not as tight as last night. Almost all of the people chose to continue their sleep.  But, me, a seventeenth years old boy, chose otherwise. I chose to wake and start to build my dream. I jumped up and headed straight to the Melawi river. I am Ahmad, a twelfth-grade student at One Roof High School in Tretung Village, Sintang. My view only focused at my small pinnace. The watercraft tethered in front of my family’s lanting, a small wood house on the riverside. The floor of my pinnace already filled with water. So, it was my duty to scoop it or the water would drain the pinnace. It just the only one vehicle that my friends and I could use when we went to school.
It took one hour to scoop it. Then I took bath, did dawn prayer, breakfast and saying goodbye to my parents. My next job then was to pick up my friends in the upper course of this river. They lived in the next door village, in Mungguk Bantok Village, and in Klakau Jaya Village. The two villages that had the same condition with my village, no electricity, no proper road or street just a simple footpath. The villages which just connected with water transportation due to the unavailability of land transportation. Although the Tretung Village, the location of the school was in lower course.
 I started to withdraw the pinnace rope engine and the adventure through this river just started. For the first time, I picked up Umar in Mungguk Bantok. He already waited in his lanting. He jumped and entered to the pinnace eagerly. The next was Chandra in his lanting too, not far from Umar’s lanting. The pinnace then fully filled with all of my friends. It got overcrowded condition again and again.
The overlay of Melawi river which covered with the cliffs that full of wilderness was a sight of our two hours journey to the school. The haze and the residual dew was hovering over the water. The river’s stream was extremely swift this morning.
“Ahmad. The stream is too swift. It is so dangerous. Please, be careful.” said Ani.
“Yes, Ani. It is not usual stream today. I hope Allah will still make us safe.” I replied.
Everybody in this pinnace looked tense. Each of them started to pray. We got tense. We forgot our talk, our chat, our laugh. I myself felt scared too. The stream was extremely swift and dangerous. The pinnace which was controlled by me could suddenly drown if something like a big rock hit this pinnace. It was heavy right now and I really watched out the steering tool. Suddenly, all of us shocked because of a loud sound.
“Oh My God!” Ani yelled.
Other friends became panic too. Our pinnace broke on the front side because of the hit. I tried to soothe them.
“We will be okay. Don’t worry guys.”
“Okay, what? We will drown immediately, Mad. Look at the floor.” said Umar fearfully.
Actually, we were not worried about the drowning. All of us are great swimmers. But, something we worried about was because of the Tapah fish. A predator fish that very malignant and dangerous. Not just Tapah fish, but also about the crocodile. And, it meant that if the pinnace broke, we could not go to school.
The situation became chaos. We were really sad. Our uniform became wet. Fortunately, someone coming.
“What happen? Why all of you looked panic? Is the pinnace get hitted?” a fisherman stood and asked us.
We were getting excited. God helped us through this uncle.
“Yes, it is. Please help us Uncle.” said Ani.
“How poor you are. Okay, come in. Let me escort all of you. To the school right?”
“Yes. Thank you very much, Uncle.”
All of us could not hide the smile. He soothed us. We started to move. Poor my pinnace. It was who knows how many times already that old pinnace become broke. It was a very dangerous adventure today. Luckily for us because today there was a kind heart person passing by and helped us. I could not imagine what would happen next if there was no one.
That problem was one of our several problems that usually happen. The nature condition was the origin thing that all of this problem happened. In the dry season, we would get the most severe problem like the death of the pinnace engine. The engine would easily death if the sand got into the engine. The solution was only to take apart of the engine and it took hours to clear the sand from the engine.
All of us willing to do all of this due to our dreams. I, myself, really wanted to make my parents smile. The poverty always would be my concern. I also wanted to bring lights to this dark village. I wanted to bring electricity and a good road to my beloved village. I wanted to bring to this village, knowledge. The village condition was so pathetic. Even my parents, they were still illiterate. It was my duty to make a revolution. I would not let the next generation felt the same condition like what we felt before. It was our duty to make the education better, so the society would get good development.

The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. How could we search for knowledge when we illiterate? The first order from our God too was to read. Because the knowledge was the lights. It would make our life brighter and make us away from the dark.

Thursday, May 18

The BBQ Project adalah sebuah program/projek sosial untuk membantu kaum yang membutuhan dan juga anak anak yatim. The BBQ Project terdiri dari akronim Beras, Baju, Quran, item2 yang akan dibagikan ke penerima bantuan. Kegiatan yang dilakukan The BBQ Project juga bervariasi, khusus anak yatim kami menyelenggarakan kegiatan edukatif yang menarik di panti asuhan mereka dan kami juga melakukan dakwah di Internet dan social media. Ayo ikut donasi bersama kami. Kami menerima uang, peralatan sekolah dan alat tulis, beras, tas, baju, dan lainnya. Hubungi:
Ig: @thebbqprojectt
untuk info lebih lanjut.
The BBQ Project is a social program to help the poor people and orphans. The BBQ Project itself stands for Beras (Rice), Baju (Clothes), Quran (Koran), the things that will be given to the poor and orphans. The BBQ Project also does several various activities like for the orphans, they do the educative and interactive activity and also do religious proselytizing through internet and social media. Let's join us. Let's donate. The BBQ Project accepts money, school stationaries, rice, bag, clothes and etc. Call/message:
Ig: @thebbqprojectt
for further information.

Wednesday, May 17

Sunday, May 14

Saya akui. Saya ini manusia biasa gudangnya khilaf dan dosa. Jujur aja iman saya terkadang naik turun. Bukannya tak takut azab, entah kenapa, dan saya melakukan dosa besar itu. Tapi alhamdulillah kini. Allah tak biarkan saya terus terjerumus dalam kubangan dosa itu. Allah sangat sayang pada saya.

Jika sebelumnya saya stress berat. Efek tuntutan dunia kuliah dan iman yang turun naik walhasil 3 bulanan ini saya stress menjurus ke depresi. Saya nggak nafsu makan dan bahkan nggak niat menjalani hidup. Flat2 aja datar banget, ngeluh aja tiap hari kerjaanya. Capek dan capek terus2an. Rumah dan kamar kaya kapal pecah. Alhamdulillah sekarang. Rasanya lebih membaik. Allah lagi lagi menyelamatkan saya. Saya kembali ke padanya. Dialah zat yang maha segala. Saya pasrahkan saya ikhlaskan. Lelah sekali memang mengejar dunia. Saya tau walau itu impian saya sekalipun. Sekarang saya hanya fokus untuk ibadah saja lah. Itu membuat saya lebih bahagia daripada uang 1 milyar pun. Kasih sayang dan ridho Allah lebih berharga dan tak ternilai. YaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Terimakasih.

Friday, May 12

Tuesday, May 9

Today is another tiring day. Now I believe that life is tough. Actually it's can not be compare enough to what happen in my past. It was more severe than what happen today. However, in the past, my feelings are just "Okay, keep calm, this tough day will  pass, tomorrow will come" and now, I can't be like that anymore. I just don't wanna miss even one second of my life doing useless things. I just don't wanna miss the moment. I miss my childhood already even though it was painful also.

Thursday, May 4

Alhamdulillah. Saya terbangun di waktu yang saya harapkan. Setidaknya Allah mengabulkan doa saya satu persatu. Tugas tugas saya mulai menunjukkan progress positif. Alhamdulillah. Kita ini sebenarnya hanya hambanya yang lemah dan tak berdaya. Dialah yang menjadi penolong kita, yang membuat segalanya tak kelihatan mungkin menjadi mungkin. Seperti hari ini, salah satu tugas saya sudah selesai. Meski masih banyak juga sih yang belum. Tapi saya yakin dengan niat saya ingin mengerjakannya dengan baik pasti Allah akan beri saya jalan dan kemudahan.

Wednesday, May 3

Tuesday, May 2

YaAllah. YaMujibb. Semoga saya bisa menyelesaikan semua tugas kuliah saya tepat waktu dan sebaik2nya serta mudah2an saya, shilvani dan entin teman saya kami bertiga lolos Ecomentary Competition 2017. Aamiin.

إِنَّ الدُّعَاءَ لاَ يُرَدُّ بَيْنَ الأَذَانِ وَالإِقَامَةِ فَادْعُوا

Sesungguhnya do’a yang tidak tertolak adalah do’a antara adzan dan iqomah, maka berdo’alah (kala itu).” (HR. Ahmad 3/155. Syaikh Syu’aib Al Arnauth mengatakan bahwa sanad hadits ini shahih)

Sumber :

Monday, May 1

Saya alhamdulillah libur kuliah + libur kerja di hari buruh ini. Nikmat banget. Namun saya habiskan waktu hanya untuk istirahat. Karena saya seharian bolak balik toilet, diare.

Btw. Saya ini suka banget nonton sitkom. Terutama sitkom yang saat ini saya ikuti, sitkom yang sukses bikin saya ketawa ketiwi ngakak, Ok-Jek. Aneh juga sih, saya hobi banget nonton ini sitkom, tapi adek saya di sebelah saya biasa aja, malah nggak ketawa sama sekali. Wkwkwkw. Sama seperti ketika salah satu dosen saya memberikan cerita lucu, dan you know what? Di kelas, cuma saya sendiri yang ngakak ketawa. Dan baru beberapa menit kemudian baru lah seisi kelas riuh.

Eh back to the main topic, saya alhamdulillah bisa ngerasain pergi ke Jakarta setelah beberapa belas tahun meninggalkannya. Dan saya ngojek online. Dan memang ngojek nggak seindah di Ok-Jek. Di Ok-Jek driver nya model baik dan ganteng dan ramah macam Seno atau Firman. Hahaha. Saya. Pertama kalinya ngojek pake Gr*b dan itu nyasar alias tersesat. Mana drivernye model macam itu lgi, nggak ada ramah2nya. Waktu tersesat itu. Rasanya saya mau nangis karena bingung. Jakarta itu beda banget sama pontianak. So complicated pokoknya. Ternyata gitu ya ngojek online. Boros banget kalau ngojek online sebenarnya, meskipun praktis sih. Di Jakarta, saya sedikit terkejut juga, banyak bener tukang ojeknya. Masalahnya saya bisa ngomong gitu karena seragam hijau hijau, oren itu, banyak banget berseliweran di jalan.

Ini saya miris banget sumpah. Habis ketawa ketiwi nonton Ok-Jek di Net, saya iseng scroll saluran dan nemu ini. YaAllah YaRabbi. Apa ini? Astaghfirullah.

Ini berita benar benar membuat saya speechless sekali. Emang sih saya ngga ada hubungan apa pun dengan mereka. Tapi sesuai nama belakang saya, supriati, yang kata mak saya, saya orangnya suka perhatian dan gampang simpati dengan orang. Ya. Saya simpati banget dengan Ami alias ibu Siti Rokayah. 


Setelah sebelumnya saya menjudge ibu Yani, setelah baca artikel ternyata betul juga sih dia. Saya positive thinking, dia maunya itu harta rumah tsb pure untuk ibunya dan nggak mau ibunya dimanfaatin sama saudara2nya yang lain. Hmm. Kita nggak tau apa yang sebenarnya terjadi kan. 

Alhamdulillah. Hello May 2017. Bulan dimana tugas deadline semua. Bulan yang banyak libur. Alhamdulillah sekali lagi. Bulan datangnya ramadhan. Bulan dimana, semester 2 perkuliahan akan segera berakhir.

Hmm. Semester 2 ini. I am doing nothing. Waktu habis untuk bekerja. Tugas kuliah semuanya keteteran. Bener2 parah. Saya stop. Gak kuat ternyata kuliah sambil kerja kaya gitu. Aduuuh. Tapi dapat uang darimana coba kalau nda kerja. YaAllah YaRabbi. Namun Alhamdulillah juga, semester 2 ini bisa berangkat ke JKT dalam rangka lomba walaupun kalah. Nggak papa kiky. Tetep semangat. Tetep bermimpi. Allah akan memeluk mimpi2 itu.