Thursday, May 25

Thanks ICT!

Made by me.

Today I just want to give thanks to ICT. ICT really helps me educate myself. Without it, I don't know what will happen to me (a student from a poor family). I even don't have enough money to dress well, even less I need to pay for English teacher?

I really like English since my father gives me an oportunity to join English course. At that time my family's economy condition is still good. Several years from it, my economy family was crashed. Alhamdulillah now is better.

I thanks for ICT because with it I can get my dreams. My dreams become true. Even I can fly to Jakarta last month because the use of ICT. Everyday I watch so many English video telling how to improve our English. Without ICT how can we access it easily, freely? ICT, thank you very much. 

Source: My Mind 😀😃

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