Friday, October 27


Introspection is very important in life. I need to study how to correct myself. Should be tolerant with what other people say and think about ourselves.

Alhamdulillah it is blessed Friday. It is rain now after a long time rain did not come. I just wanted to cry if I saw my diary and notes. Written in there, how sad and depressed I am. Being alone, being ostracized, and being hated in a new place. Strong and believe in Allah are the only way that make me stand. Cause I should not give up. It is just not me. How hard it is, I will survive, cause I believe with my own intention and Allah never sleeps. Allah will always help me, forgive me, guide me and blessed me. I believe it.

This 2 months are hard for me. However, I ever felt the more hard situations than this.

Alhamdulillah again, slowly, I tried my best. I smile and approach more. I pray more. Let's see the result. Because I believe this place is very good to spread positive things to society.

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