Wednesday, November 22

Crazy Semester.

I did not ever predict, this semester will be this hard and crazy. I am really getting depressed this semester. Actually I think it's better for me to complaint it here since there will be no one read this trivial post. It's better rather than I complaint and throw all of my resentments to my friends. They were the same with me. We really got depressed with academic pressures. We did not even get the chance to join any organizations, we were just busy with our crazy assignments. It got worse than the first and second semester. And since it is my blog, I did not care with grammar mistake since I am still studying English. I tried my best to write gramatically here. But, pardon me if there was so many mistakes.

Right now it is already 10pm. I stuck in here in cafe close to my house. I heard so many dangdut songs in here. I came here to drink orange juice while did my assignments. This semester was really hard for me, I started to think that I am really stupid and did not know anything now. I was even really free than last semester. I am not working anymore. I just taught 2 students, I got stress a lot at a new place. It was totally stressful since they were treating me so bad. I don't know why I chose to stay, while they were so mean to me. It's just time I think I will get really angry with them. They don't know how can I become when they were treating me like that, I underlined one name that so demeaning me. I will prove someday. I will work hard. I can not accept your mistreat while my parents are really loving me. Who are you? How dare you? Let's see until when I can hold myself.

There were tons of assignments every WEEK. Let me list my assignments in here:

1. TEFL, Learning Activities based on Syllabus, Journal, Table, Summary.
2. ELT Curriculum, Semester Program.
3. ELT Multimedia, Webpage Project.
4. SPEAKING. Persuasive Speech, Presentation+Recording.
5. LISTENING. Summary from Video.
6. ACADEMIC READING. Presentation Paper
7. INTRO TO LITERATURE. Presentation Note.
8. BAHASA INDONESIA. Presentation.
9. POETRY. Practice
10. ISBD. Alhamdulillah nothing:)

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