3.00 AM

I just can say that today is a big success to me. Being able to sleep early the night before and waking up at 2.50 am are really amazing for me. It is always be my goals in life. Sleep enough and early and then wake up early too, so I will not miss subuh and tahajud prayers. Alhamdulillah, I hope it can be my new habit.

Right now, I am in the third semester, this crazy semester will end soon. Alhamdulillah again. I am highly optimistic I can survive since I am going to be super focused on all those crazy assignments.

Honestly, this year, I think my blog is not really productive especially for the months before. I am really ..... I hate that word tho. As an introverted-person I am more like to stay in my comfort bedroom, watching or reading something nice, and write something nice too. But, I admit if I spoiled myself like that it will be hard for me then to improve my life skills. Life is complicated and though. I need to learn more and stay outside my comfort zone if I really want to achieve my dreams.

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