Thursday, December 14

Banyak kerjaan. A lot of works (2)

Right now I am reading a book. Not exactly a book, but we can called that a handout. This morning at 7 am I have Bahasa Indonesia course exam. Alhamdulillah. I read it carefully and yah try my best to remember all of things that I have read. 

I am also starting to planning my 2018. It will be a great year for me. Aamiin. I will for the first time, travel abroad, travel to several cities in Indonesia because of prestigious competetition. Amiin. I will read more books and so many stuffs I want it to be done. 

After read this handout, while I am also blogging in here wkwkw. I am going to do my duty to Allah and then I will continue to write my UGRAD 2017 essay. Bismillah :)

Today's to do list:
1. Poetry Email
2. UGRAD 2017 Essays
3. AIESEC Global Leader Essays
4. YSEALI Sea Camp Bohol
5. TEFL Journal, Table, Summary, and Lesson Plan
6. ELT Multimeda Project
7. ELT Curriculum, Syllabus Course, PowerPoint, Summary

So many stuffs ._."

Bismillah, I know I just an average human, I believe Allah will always help me to do those things. Aamiin.

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