Tuesday, January 16

16/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | It is so depressing :( Be Strong Kiky, You can do it!

A week full of stress, because of assignments. I don't want to complain anymore. It's all my fault. I am so stressed out even now. That's the reason I was not posting here. I got fucked up because of my Elt Multimedia Course Project. My glasses is broken, just eat only dinner now, and don't ask if I took a bath or not.

I don't know what to say. If my parents saw my condition now they will be extremely angry and sad. My dirty clothes, dishes and untidied house. I am regretting for the time I was not home, months before I worked so hard and see what I've got? Humiliation and Rejection? I really got nothing :/ Fucked up! Bad!

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