18/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | Adult World?

I asked for permission to travel with my friends. I don't know why my father could only see negative things of anything. I admitted that I ever got that "bad things" from people. But the most important thing is I believe in Allah. My God will protect me.

Hmm. But somehow I think of myself, if I got kids in the future of course, I don't think I can give permissions if she wanted to go just like my position now. Or just I am so lazy? I preferred to go abroad with plane and got new knowledge or money? No no no, so materialistic tho.

I don't have a mood also. Sorry my friends. I think I just need to obey my parents once again. I understand my father doesn't want any bad things happen to me, his daughter's pride. Hmm. Then I want to stay home too. Watching drama and read nice books.

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