Wednesday, January 3

3/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | Alhamdulillah safely arrived and directly working.

I am continuing to write in English again despite my limited vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. I tried my best to study it every day, here I just want to practice. Just want to remind if you are reading right now, you'll see so many grammatical errors here. Again I defend myself, I am still a beginner in studying English (although already study English for more than 13 years since in elementary). My bad.

So back to the journal. Last night I took the bus and 6-hour journey began. It was bad because I got headache like usual, maybe lack of sleep or overslept or stress? Idk.

I arrived home at 3.30am and then waited until dawn, to do prayer. Alhamdulillah. I folded my clothes, tidying up my bedroom. Then I fell asleep because my headache came again. My brother woke me up at 11. I grabbed my lunch then took a bath. 12.30 I went to my workplace, we then had a meeting discussed about our coming programs. There is always a program for each week focusing on USA, education in there, food and etc and also focused on speaking skills development for students in UNTAN.

Right now I try my best to finish chapter 9 and 10 summary. I am continuing writiing my journal and all the assignments. Bismillah. It is Wednesday today. Tonight I am planning to shop monthly needs, pay the bills and tidying up house.

Crazy. There is so many things need to do. And I don't know, is there any meeting for today's club weekly meeting? Let's see, I have not finish the vocabulary log tho. Hufffttt.

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