Friday, January 5

5/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | Part 2, My Promises to Allah years ago, English Article, What is take for granted means?

Years ago if I am not wrong, I ever promised to Allah in a very desperate state, exactly on Junior High School. At that time I prayed I wanted a bedroom for my own and I promised Allah I will always do the prayers consistently. I prayed again for laptop and I promised to share and make positive things through laptop exactly through the blog media as it is for me to share knowledge and school subject materials. I don't really think I had already fulfilled those promises. Hmm :) The point is I just want to be a good woman that can beneficial others and can make ones feel good.

So today, I shared to you English article. We often heard this phrase, take for granted. In songs or in movies. So based on my research it has two meanings. I am becoming curious for this phrase because my TEFL assignments, I found this on chapter 10 page 140

A widely accepted view of intelligence is that intelligence – however
measured and in whatever circumstance – comprises a single factor, usually
called the “g” factor. From this point of view, “Intelligence (g) can be
described as the ability to deal with cognitive complexity. . . . The vast
majority of intelligence researchers take these findings for granted”
(Gottfredson 1998: 24).

So take these findings for granted in there means  that they assume that findings is true without questioning it. As you can see the explanation in below,
  1. fail to properly appreciate (someone or something), especially as a result of overfamiliarity.
    example: "the comforts that people take for granted"
  2.      assume that something is true without questioning it.
    example: "those companies challenged beliefs that everyone else took for granted"

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