Friday, January 5

5/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | Staying up late again, D-4 Exams

Exams mean not only worth 40% but also your 20% score of assignments. And here I am here, staying up late like crazy to try to finish that crazy assignments. I kept my commitment for writing since it heals me. When I wrote my feeling felt better and the burden getting little bit light.

Report for yesterday exactly Thursday. I was not going anywhere. 24 hours at my bedroom, reading k-drama recap, my father is strange, playing block puzzle games and of course finish one chapter. Hmm. Not really productive. I also planned for this month to release book and movie reviews immediately, but better to postpone until exam is finished.

God. Give me strength. Hope I can finish all of this by sunday. Only have 4 days left. Hufffttt.

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