Sunday, January 7

7/365 2018 Kiky's Journal | For the sake of knowledge, KOPDAR BUDA' BLOGGER 2018

I am no one. I am just a beginner. I have not really have a remarkable achievements, but I am a person that want to learn and study. Maybe it's for now, in the future I hope what I did today will make me get the amazing results.

Today was alhamdulillah a really amazing day for me. I am so productive today. I exercised in the morning, I joined a sharing session with famous and expert in both blogger and vlogger in Indonesia in the afternoon, and I did my assignments at night, and of course I also played my tetris game 😂 and not forget I still write here, although short.

The point is it is because maybe I have my prayers fixed. I don't want to leave it anymore. I want to be discipline about it. This year I also want to be grateful for everything even the small things.

Today I was very happy, indescribable happiness because I could meet people with same passions like me, blogging and vlogging.

I learned a lot. But maybe later I will post the detail. I have exam tomorrow, I need to sleep now, so I can woke up at 3 am tomorrow. I need to finish all the deadline by Tuesday. Bismillah. Wishmeluck.

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