Sunday, January 21

Start Over | 21/365 2018 Journal

Hi readers, Night :). Although I am not really sure if there are in the world is there any of people would like to read this "nothing" blog post. Forget it. I am sorry for the leaps, I just don't have moods. But, today is different, tomorrow I am planning to start over. Bismillah.

Start over = make a new beginning.

So start tonight, I am going to sleep early and woke early too tomorrow. Everything will change. I want to make myself be close to my creator, Allah SWT, The Beneficent, The Merciful, The Forgiver, Al Ghani. Right now, I am not in a really good condition, I am in condition which I felt bad about myself and sad without reasons. I am tired of this life. Actually I have no problems at all, I just lack of gratitude :( I want to change and be better.

I stayed home for days. After months of suffering and get involved with toxic people, I was defeated, my mental health was not strong enough to against it. So here am I right now, starting to hate and doubt myself which is not good for my mental health.

Now, I relaxed. I tried my best to think more positive despite all the bad things happened. I tried my best to tidy up my room, to make things be organized again like it used to. The point, I start over. To be better me, I have my dreams tho.

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