Thursday, May 24

Cried Again.

I cried again. I know, so childish. I cried in front of him, my lecturer. At that time, I was so hurt, being disgraced by him. Maybe I am exaggerating. He just told the other students in front of the office, how stupid I am. The last 2 days ago, he did it, in front of other lecturers. Yeah I know I am stupid, that's why I study in college. I admit I was wrong when reading his schedule, so I came late. But, I know really well, that's not the right way to tell your students you're late and I can't give you the test. I guess his heart is a stone, and his eyes are blind, he couldn't see my tears yesterday. In this holy month, he still, cannot control his mouth to not hurt other people. I don't know anymore. I really want to stop begging for that stupid makeupexams, but I can't stand to see my GPA falling. You know domino effect?

I am tired.
I want to sleep.
I don't want to wake up anymore.
God please forgive me.
I can't stand it.

God, please punish him immediately, in front of my eyes and ears. Make him plead apologies to me. And I won't forgive him forever, let's meet in hereafter for you hurt my feelings and dignity  this bad.

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