2.21 am | Countdown to Final Exam | International Recognition, Award, Conference, Workshop, Best Delegate

It's already finally coming to the end of November 2018. Assignments are still heavy, the research proposal especially and literary works (novel and short story) analysis. I now also realize about my achievements so far, not really enough I think, but for me, it is already amazing. I am lacking of international exposure of youth or students events. YaAllah, I only can learn and pray, hope you will show and lead me the way. I really need 5++ international exposures/competitions, magnificent public speaking skills, and sophisticated writing skills. Allahumma shalli ala muhammad.

I am still doing things one by one, little by little, in instalment. Really need to have a strong mentality to face pressure, challenges, problems, and difficulties. YaAllah who The Most Knowledgeable, please make me strong and competent. I can do it surely.

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