This Semester 5 Final Week, D-10, Oh, December!

Enough with all the depression, stressed, pressure, and all the negativity. Those dont matter for this particular time, for now. I really need to get all those assignments done, early, on time, and still humane. I also want to sleep well and decent, but maybe not for now. However, if I were happen to get tired maybe the work will also not be maximal too. So, balance is the key. 8 hours (6 for sleep+ 2 for rest, nap, or play), 16 hours perday to work.

Deadlines are coming :') I just want to be optimistic and not be lunatic or panicking. I surely can do it. I work hard, and I pray. I will be lucky in this semester 5. I believe that ;)

1. Research Paper, Friday, Dec 14, 2018. D-3
2, Profesi Kependidikan, Friday, Dec 14, 2018. D-3
3. Literary Work, Monday, Dec 17, 2018. D-6
4. Writing Research Proposal, Friday, Dec 21, 2018. D-10

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