The sun was beginning to set. It cast a warm glow all around. It made the sky blazed red and orange. The waves were keeping rearing up pounding the sand with their white foam hooves. The magical calming sounds came from them were like the singing of a famous singer. A gentle cold breeze caressed my hair and my face. My eyes were drawn to the water and beyond the cold blue sea.

There were way too many people around. This beach was overcrowded. But, I enjoyed it anyway. This was my last day to spend on the beach. Tonight I had to go to Denpasar. I had to go back home. I seemed to can’t say goodbye to this beautiful and magical island.

I arrived in Denpasar at night. It was only 30 minutes from Kuta. With Chai and Asep, I visited the Puputan field to chill. My eyes saw a quite big carousel. It was shining and shimmering.

“Let’s try the carousel guys.” I said.
“Nah. Aren’t we too big for this? We are grown-ups.” Chai rejected my idea.
“I think you’re right. Trying it will only make my head throbbed.” Asep agreed.

I lost my mood to try. They were right. I actually did not feel like doing it. The carousel seemed shining, shimmering and fun, but, it was indeed a torture. We then sat on the grass under the night sky full of stars. Beep. Beep. A message entered my phone. It was from my mom.

"Kasih, dad is really sick. He is paralyzed now. He can no longer work anymore. It has been ten days since he has not gone to work."

I did not know what to reply to her. This day finally came. This thing was like a bomb ready to explode at any time. I felt like the ground gave way and my world collapsed. I knew I just need to have faith. I must believe I could survive this and hold on tight. No matter what, there’s hope.


The sun rose as usual. I said goodbye and thank you to Chai for letting me stay at her house. Now, it was time to go back home. I got into the bus that will take me to the harbor. I arrived at the harbor and walked into the boat. The boat was going to take me to another harbor. It would be a long journey. From another harbor, I still had to continue to the train station and then to the airport.

Before I entered the boat, I stopped first at the pier. The strong wind there stopped me to walk. The strong cold breeze coming from the wind slowly caressed my tired face. It made my worries about my father and also the 5-hour drive fatigue go away. I also was not forgetting to look down below the pier. The deep clear blue sea underneath me was just so blue and magnificent.

Eeernnn! Eeerrrnnn!

The boat horn just chimed. Now, it was time to go across the sea. The boat started to leave the harbor. I walked through the cabin and left my suitcase there. I brought my backpack with me to climb to the top of the deck. I wanted to see the scenery from there. As I reached to the top of the deck, I sat immediately. I was sitting on the floor spreading my legs straight. My legs felt stiff after hours sitting on the bus. 

There were also a bunch of other Indonesians. I observed around and found the captain navigated this ship carefully. The waves were rough. I felt quite dizzy here than when I was on the floor below. In front of me, there was another non-Indonesian man stood there with his camera. My eyes caught this green eyes man taking a lot of pictures.

Then, to kill the time, I talked to an old man who sat beside me. He asked me many questions. I was quite bored to be asking the same questions again and again about me traveling alone. Well, I was alone, but I did not feel lonely. Those two things were actually different.

Suddenly, out of the blue, the green eyes man greeted us.
“Hi, I am from Belgium.”

I wanted to laugh. No one was actually asking him. They did not even understand what he just said. So, I thought, it was my chance to practice my English in a natural situation. This was the perfect chance.

"Hi. I'm Kasih. Nice to meet you. What’s your name?"
“My name is Mark.”

Hmm. This conversation should not stop here, right? So, I tried to be creative by asking something related to travel.
"So, is it your first time here in Bali? Do you enjoy it?"
"Yes, it is. I enjoy it a lot. How about you?”
“Yes, the same. I am a first-timer too. Do you enjoy traveling by the way?”
“I do enjoy it. I have been traveling for a year. I'm off to Australia after this. I am with my bike."

Hmm. What? A year? Bike? Did I hear it wrong? There were a lot of information to process.
He noticed my perplexed face. Then he showed me his bike helmet and I realized.
"Wow. Cool."

I then noticed his very light belongings. One thing that made me want to laugh was that he only brought one drawstring bag, a Tumblr, and his helmet. And I thought about my stupid heavy pink suitcase down there, and my backpack. He must be really rich. I just realized how broke I am. 

"So, what do you do?" I was quite surprised he was asking me this. I did not really master western or European culture. I think this was a private question like asking age. But, I answered it anyway. I should practice my English.
"I'm a student. And I am also a part-time tutor back in my city. How about you?"
"I'm also a teacher."
Mark and I continued our journey to Surabaya through the train. I did not understand. He could just buy a plane ticket to go from Bali to Surabaya. Why bother with this 12 hours tiring and long road trip journey. By the way, he indeed was a really good company. I was so thankful he was there. I did not feel lonely with him. We talked a lot.


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Alex climbed up and sat on the chair of the carousel. It was the same carousel that I visited 10 years ago with Chai and Asep. She was so excited to ride it. The carousel started to spin. Alex could not stop smiling.

While she was enjoying the carousel, Mark and I sat on the grass. We ate a big cup of caramel popcorn.
“You know what Mark, this place brings back me a lot of memories. One that I cannot forget is a message that my dad was paralyzed. Since then, I am becoming my family breadwinner at the age of 21. It was very shocking to me.”
“You told me that at the boat when we first met.”
“Did I? I was really scared. I haven’t graduated from college at that time. I only worked part-time with a salary less than a million rupiahs. It was a really difficult time.”
“That thing passed. Allah is right. With every difficulty, there is an ease, Al Inshirah 5. I am so proud of you. Look who you are now. Look, you survived that and even thrive.”

The carousel stopped turning. Alex got off by herself and ran to us.
“Alexandra DON’T YOU RUN! Alex, be careful.”
Mark reminded me to not panic and yell. He caught and hugged Alex.
“How do you feel Alex? Did you enjoy the ride?”
“No Daddy. It made me dizzy.”
“Now, apologize to mommy cause you made her worried.”
“Sorry, mommy. I will never do that again.”
I could only smile.
“Daddy, let’s eat ice cream. You promised me, remember?”
“Of course I remember. Alright. Let’s go.”