Assalamualaikum. Night readers. Alhamdulillah for this day. Because what, we can go home earlier than usually. Today is the 4th days of matriculation and tomorrow is free. Last noon. I am so sleepy because the lecturer was not interactive. I think she just talk with herself. Make me and almost my friend all of there sleepy too. Its suffered me to hold my sleepy eyes.

When I am arrived home. I am started to change my grandmas diapers. So sad to see her like that. Can't doing anything. Just sleep along day. But, its normal because she is too old.

After that I am sleeping for 2 hours. From the noon till this evening, I am tidied my room. I am totally tired. And now at this 21.39,  I want to sleeping again. But, I must doing something before sleep. I wanna make a short story. Beautiful story. About me and my (candidate) future.

I think thats all. See you tomorrow.
August 19th, 2016