How to Use ICT to Improve Your English!

Hi. Assalamualaikum. Today I'm gonna share to you about using ICT to improve your English.
To be honest, I can't imagine how's life without ICT. Actually it's really hard for me to buy new books to learn, as you know, it is so expensive. It's better for me to use the money to dress well or eat well than to buy books. It's better for me to buy e-book which it is more cheap than books although not comfortable as book. But, in this days ICT really helps us to overcome the money lackness. Wkwkkw. So, here I want to share to you how to use ICT to improve your English.
Before study or learn, firstly, we need to know or concern about our learning style and our goals of study. It's so important because it can make us eager and get motivate to study.
English has 4 aspects. The first is speaking, continued by listening, reading and writing. Here I share to you what I do to acquire all that things using ICT.
1. For speaking, the most difficult aspect, I prefer to use English app like Hello English, you can download it on PlayStore or maybe for IPhone user AppStore. It can make us connect to other English learner. I also like to make English vlog and record myself. What I speak is only what happen to me today, or what I've been thinking or feeling, or whatever. I'm using my phone camera, then practice to speak English. Just speak.
2. For listening, it is very precious advice from my lecturer, Mr. Ikhsanuddin. It is to listen. Just listen to the native speaker. Listen to any English video. Listen from. YouTube. There are so many great sources to listen in YT. Every day, continuously and carefully. I do it almost one year, and amazing now my listening skill is really not bad. Wkwkkw.
3. For reading, the aspect that most of Indonesian really hate to do even me. Wkwkwkkw. Like right now, my assignments are so damn crazy and many. I don't even have any time to read. My mood is really bad because that crazy assignments. My tip for do reading is use e-book or wattpad for fictional book.
4. For writing, the other difficult aspect. What do you need to do is to write. Just write. Practice it everyday. Practice makes perfect. I'm usually use social media to publish my writing and my lecturer usually correct it if I was making mistake. Not only social media but also blog. Use your blog. Don't forget to read book or material about how to write better. You will notice your mistakes on the old or previous posts. Maybe you will laugh of your old or previous posts.
I think that's all. Thanks for your attention. Thank for visiting my blog. I hope this is useful and beneficial. See you on my next study tips. Don't forget to follow this blog. Bye! Wassalamualaikum :)

Source: My mind and my knowledge

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