January 2020 is very special. This month I declared to not use my parents' money anymore. I want to live and survive with my own earned hard work money. Duh, this is very hard. Goodbye to Netflix :(. Goodbye to relaxing or social media scrolling. Working more or equal to 12 hours is a must :(. Hmm. I have to sacrifice things.

Also this month, many of my friends had their research proposal exam, while I haven't finished my proposal even until now. This is really really a pressure. I can't stand the lazy or stupid label attached to those who aren't fast :'( just because this is January and I still haven't had my research proposal exam. Let's stop being so judgemental! Be kind, we don't know a person's life situation, we can't judge, and we should not judge! We don't have any rights to judge. 

I can't wait to move to another city and start a new life. I really want to be independent and stand on my own feet. I actually just want to escape from this city. I want to rent a room or if I have a good job, an established career, an apartment. I want to study abroad and then I think I will achieve my goal to leave this city.

But, my priority, for now, I have to finish my thesis, my responsibility ASAP (Deadline: July 2020) so I can be free! I love working and studying actually. It feels good. But I don't like the energy drain after the work or study haha. I have to make money. Not just me actually, but of course, all humans. But, I'm still looking for ways for me to be authentic and true to my values. 

I just want to be independent and leave this city. And, I have to create plans.

See u on my next post :). I believe 2020 will be a great and amazing year for all of us!!!