Living Independently

January 2020 is very special. This month I declared to not use my parents' money anymore. I want to live and survive with my own earned hard work money. Duh, this is very hard. Goodbye to Netflix :(. Goodbye to relaxing or social media scrolling. Working more or equal to 12 hours is a must :(. Hmm. I have to sacrifice things.

Also this month, many of my friends had their research proposal exam, while I haven't finished my proposal even until now. This is really really a pressure. I can't stand the lazy or stupid label attached to those who aren't fast :'( just because this is January and I still haven't had my research proposal exam. Let's stop being so judgemental! Be kind, we don't know a person's life situation, we can't judge, and we should not judge! We don't have any rights to judge. 

I can't wait to move to another city and start a new life. I really want to be independent and stand on my own feet. I actually just want to escape from this city. I want to rent a room or if I have a good job, an established career, an apartment. I want to study abroad and then I think I will achieve my goal to leave this city.

But, my priority, for now, I have to finish my thesis, my responsibility ASAP (Deadline: July 2020) so I can be free! I love working and studying actually. It feels good. But I don't like the energy drain after the work or study haha. I have to make money. Not just me actually, but of course, all humans. But, I'm still looking for ways for me to be authentic and true to my values. 

I just want to be independent and leave this city. And, I have to create plans.

See u on my next post :). I believe 2020 will be a great and amazing year for all of us!!!

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  1. Yeaay, semangat yaa!! Semoga tahun 2020 berjalan dengan lancar dan sesuai harapan.

    Salam kenal, dari Bandung :)

    1. hehe kudu semangat ya kak. yuk kita semua semangat jalani tahun baru ini. pindah ke kota lain jd pengalaman seru

  2. Making some money and then living as independent people are my goals in 2020 too. But I know, I have to work really hard to get it. And, cheer up for you, I hope you will get your goals this year.

  3. It is really your decision to live independently? Please re-consider it when you are still not able to get a stable jobs. Don't push yourself too hard, because the thesis itself will give you enormous amount of burden. I've been there before, so please take my note seriously :)

  4. Keep it up! It's good to make money for yourself and reduce your parents burden. But pls pay attention to your study well too. Set your goals and your priorities wisely.

  5. Semoga semua plannya terwujud yaaa.
    Sukses thesisnya. Sukses kerjaannya juga kemudian.
    Salut deh, being independent is not easy! But we have to trust ourself, rite? :)

  6. Good luck, Dear!
    May all of your plans working well.

  7. Semangat kakk, semoga segala plan kedepannya dimudahkan ya. Dan semoga bisa sesegera mungkin menyelesaikan thesisnya. Aamiin

  8. Keep fight... a little bit more... and then you finish the line

  9. Wish 2020 will be a good year for you. By the way, just enjoy the time. Sometimes in the future, when you just catch your dream to have a job or study abroad, you will miss this time so much.

  10. May your decision make u more and more wise and good at all life side. Keep fighting, kakak..

  11. Semoga tesisnya lancar. Semangaaaat. Btw, ini teks bahasa inggris pertama yang kubaca, setelah bertahun² gak baca teks inggris kayaknya sih wkwkwkw