Saturday, March 10

It's already March. Time really flies. I don't even realise, it's almost a month I did not write anything except my college assignments or notes. Now. I want to write again, to release my stress or burden or to share to you readers, hope you'll get new positive things.

So everythings are going pretty well. I find peace again after months of suffering from toxic people. I don't know what to say, just found another "cruel" side of life. I got terrible depression and anxiety for the previous months. Thanks God. Now, Alhamdulillah, everythings are back into places. I just won't lie that I am still not really pieous sometime I still left my prayer if I got tired or sleepy. Crazy right? I know. Now, it has been almost 2 weeks I repair it. I am becoming more discipline. Really really thankful. That's make me feel so good and amazing.

In this March, I hope I can win something and in another months I hope I can use my passport to join amazing programs.  YaAllah, please make my dreams happen. Aamiin. I will work and study and pray really hard for 2018. World is getting so competitive, I need to support my parents later, I have to wake and work hard! Cheer up Ky, you absolutely can do it!