It’s been a long time for me to not write a post in English. Haha, yeah, I love Bahasa so much, and at that time the reason I wrote in Bahasa is that I am considering about my audience. I want my message can get into their heart and mind. Language is an extremely powerful tool to contribute to people.

Hmm, time really flies. Oh my god, I can believe now I am a junior! Don’t know what I feel and how should I. But, I think I am really old._. Hmm. I am already in my sixth semester and wow. There is no time for me to relax anymore. I really need to think about the future, but actually, I hate it because it seems scary and I know I am still stupid and I need to learn and practice and improve my life skills more (presentation, public speaking, confidence). Huft. I believe I can. I believe Allah will always guide me. I believe in my dreams!

Like usual, I love to share about my college experience. Many things happened to me, wether good or bad, those things taught me many things about life. And, it’s such a shame if I am not sharing it with you guys.

My semester 6 has started in February, and now already March. Time flies really fast. And now I am wondering, what’s I already done? Aku ngapain aja sih. For me this semester is such a really blessed semester. Suddenly the assignments are not as crazy as the previous semesters. Yeah, there are assignments here and there, but, not that many like usual and it kind of makes me anxious and suspicious. So, what do you want sih Ky? Basically, I just need to apply the concept of managing change. I should really be wise in using the time to maximize my potential. I should really be relax and confident.

Starting this March, I am starting to be more serious and diligent, hehe. These are the lists of things that I really need to pay full attention, aka my priority:
  1. SRD (Seminar on Research Design Course), this is very hard. I must memorize many things and present things which I hate hehe. But, I have Allah and my parents will always support and pray for me. Best things in life.
  2. Drama course. Enjoy the process, good process, good result.
  3. Microteaching course, this will give me provision to teach professionally, and thank God I get into this faculty, I found myself, I found that teaching is my passion. When I am teaching, I feel happy and good. I am so thankful also, Allah always answers my prayers. I ever pray, “Oh Lord, please give me a good lecturer” Every lecturer is good actually. However, some are not really matching my expectation. I have high expectations for this course. I really want to have the knowledge, and expertise of the professional teacher. And I got Mam Dwi. YaAllah Alhamdulillah. Thanks a lot. She is my inspiration. She graduated with scholarships from the US (doctor degree) and Australia (master degree). Can you imagine how cool is that? I am really looking forward to her story.
  4. Other courses (ESP, Pragmatics, Statistic, Creative Writing, Business Correspondence) as well, but they are not as hard as those 3 courses hehe.
  5. Organizations
  6. Self-improvement
  7. My reading review to post in my blog. OMG, its already 3 months after 2019. 
Okay, that’s all. Don’t hesitate to drop comments guys. That will really make my day. I hope “my life update post” is beneficial for you my beloved readers, hehe. See you in next post.