Holla! sahabat pembaca blog riskysupriati.com. Jadi Senin ini spesial. Aku sedang ngadain program guest blogger. Nah jadi aku punya temen yg kritis dan peduli sama bangsa dong ya. Dia kemarin nulis artikel berjudul Dear God. Tulisannya bagus banget dan aku rasa ini harus dibaca banyak orang :) Tanpa basa basi lagi, check it out below okay^^

Take us back to basics

I live in times of chaotic where I see a lot of hatred spreading widely. I see chaotic in households, I see chaotic in organizations, I see chaotic in parlement with its government and misstep in political system. I see misleading views from famous insta figures and through that action affect masses and their followers. I see a lot more chaotic and list always goes on
Until I realize that I and many others brothers and sisters end up in huge of distraction
Distracted by fake news, distracted by newest invantion of tech, distracted by different political views from opposition and affirmative side, distracted by newest brands, movies, idol stars, adds or even distracted by big celebrity break up or wedding.
Much times wasted for discussing those issues, hours spent by sitting with friends due to reveal the faults of others and forget our very self weaknesses, forget how to build self-love, and forget how to make up our mind
While all of this is going on, while all of this conversation take up space in our mind and very seldom we put ourselves away from that distraction and choose to ..
Skip out from newest movie 
Skip out from latest breaking news 
Skip out from focusing others opinion 
Skip out from unhealty relationship
Turn away from unnecessary talks
Silence myself on the mistakes of others
And focus on the single important aspect in my life...
My relationship with you
You don't ask much with us
And when I take a step back and look at the basics of this way of life then I realize with how little is requested of me
Time to time we go through the process of finding the truth, the process of doing a lot of research about latest -ism in an effort to respond then stay awake until late at night, working on the table to finish deadline after deadline and by the time I can barely wake up for fajr
I know I shouldn't be making them into issues and make me away from the most important things in my life that is ...
Worshipping you
God I'd like to ask you one thing on behalf of myself and my family
Take us back to the basics
The basics of worshipping you, of pleasing you and dont make me away from you. Please never cause me forget about you so that I can't never forget about myself.