Tuesday, June 4

Kiky's SEATEACHER Journey: Pre-journey

Assalamualaikum. Hello, readers :). Hope all of you who read this will always be healthy, happy and successful. And happy Eid for tomorrow :D.
Bismillahirrahmanirrahiim. So, let me share to you my good news. So, I just got accepted to join a really great program to improve myself and also for me to contribute to the schools, students, and people. 
The program is called SEA TEACHER, South East Asia Teacher aka Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia. So, I am selected to be a participant for its 8 batch. It is a program organized by SEAMEO which stands for The Southeast Asia Ministers of Education Organization. It is an intergovernmental organization of the eleven Southeast Asian countries, which was formed on 30 November 1965.

So, how it began? What motivates me? So, it all started with dreams. I have many dreams. You can call me a dreamer. Dreaming is not a bad thing, for me, it is a good thing. It represents faith and hope. It represents a prayer. It represents that you believe in life (despite life is so indescribable), and you believe in GOD (your creator). But, I totally respect you if you have different perspectives on this thing. Basically, my dream is just to have a better life. Not to say I have a bad life, indeed I have a good life that I cherish the most although my life is difficult (whose lifes are not? haha). What I am trying to say is just, I really want to have a meaningful and happy life (who does not want that? haha) I guess we are all wanting the same thing but in different shapes and forms that depend on our life context and background. My background is that I come from an impoverished and uneducated family. This made my life hmm hard (although it really is not, cause I learn a lot of things) This just made life more hard to bear. It is already difficult to live with no money but people make things more difficult by underestimating us (ugly truth about human, people, society, basically world which I understand it happens because of the complexity of life itself). So, long story short, I want to buy my mom a house and a car. I want to provide decent and good things for my family. To achieve this, I have to be a high-quality being that can land a good job that will pay me well so I can provide well to my family. Simple right? To be a high-quality being, I have to learn a lot. I have to join many programs in order to learn. Not have to actually, it sounds intense :D, but maybe the right word so you are not sick of it is should. So, this is one of the many programs that I join to improve myself. I want to be an educator (teacher, or lecturer) in the future. Although I am open to many opportunities :D. In this digital era, I also still want to be an author, a blogger, content creator, or an entrepreneur. Really, I will just follow the flow. I believe Allah will guide and give me the best. I think this educator job will pay me well (can achieve my primary goal in life which is buying a house and car for my mom) and give me happiness and peace :p. In order to be a good educator, it's a must for me to practice and learn. This program is the perfect place for me to learn about teaching and educating. 

So, I ever read about this program on Facebook years ago. Our head of English department announced about this program selection. At that time, I was still a freshman. Then, I researched. It turns out, this is a really good program to improve and develop our teaching ability. Now, I am a junior in college, third-year college student who will be doing teaching practice at a real school in the following months. I meet again with the announcement. I asked my senior how were her experience and stuff. So, I am interested in and I decided to apply. Thank god, Alhamdulillah, I succeed to be a participant of this prestigious program. I sent all the required documents, I also was being interviewed and did the microteaching aka teaching demonstration. I am so lucky. I am blessed and grateful. This program will allow me to teach abroad (my dream). Not exactly teaching abroad but doing the teaching practice abroad for 1 month, it's quite similar I think :p.

I found the information on my friend's whatsapp status. 
Finally, after waiting for 2 weeks, I got notified that I selected to join this program.
Now, I have to work on my proposal and also to look for extra money since this program is partially funded ( but I am already really grateful for them to cover flight and accommodation expenses ). I just need to get extra money to be able to live well there :p (to eat nutritious food, transportation, and to communicate with other participants). Wish me luck friends :)

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