This practicum for me was one of the best things that ever happened in my life. This practicum brought me tons of wonderful and sweet memories. I am going to always be forever thankful and of course, remember all of the people. The people are my fellow friends the batch 8 UST student teachers (Ika, Aul, Karti, Chris, Afiq, Kirey, Mayang, Arsanti, and Aslam), fellow Indonesian international students (Jeany, Aurel, and Mas Adam), Filipino friends (Hannah, Inna, Eman, Nasreen, Mary), my coordinator (Mam Zendel and Pak Uray), my dean (Pak Martono), my mentor (Mam Bella), 7 Responsibility class, 7 Piety class, Atte Marie and Kuya in the dorm, and many more that I could not mention one by one in here. Thank you very much for Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization aka SEAMEO for creating and holding this beautiful program. 

One of the unforgettable moments from this program was when I said my farewell to my students after the grand demo teaching. I gave them little souvenirs, angklung keychain, hope someday they will be successful and then can travel to Indonesia, travel the world. Some students said they are going to miss me. Some even hugged me. I was like, oh God, I wish I could stay here longer. I was actually quite shocked, it was just like a wink in a very brief and short time. I am so touched by their purity and sweet gestures. Almost all of them also added me on facebook. They reacted to my stories and sent me sweet messages. They are so extra :)