My problem were the time and classroom management.  I solved it by some solutions. I ever experienced that I forgot the exercise or evaluation part because the game took longer than my time allotment, so I decided it become homework and I will check it later. And about the classroom management, I taught a quite big class with more than 40 students, and the class space was small. It’s quite hard to move around, and students can be really noisy if there was group work. My solution was so I utilized another strategy which was pair work. I also utilized some chants to catch students’ attention. The chants are in the form of concentration calling. If I said one silent clap, then the students clap their hands and say shhh. It works like magic, they become silent and then can continue to do the work more seriously. I also said Hi, and the students will respond Hello. So, they will not be bored in class.