Procedures of Practicum

     The procedures of this teaching practicum were well arranged and executed by all the parties involved. There were many interesting and beneficial activities. The activities were like welcoming ceremony, courtesy call, orientation, teaching, excursion, cultural performance, grand demo teaching, and also a farewell. Big thanks to the receiving university, the University of Santo Tomas especially for its College of Education, and also to the school, UST Education High School. 

   In the first week, it was orientation and observation week. All the student teachers were being introduced to the university, the college of education, the school, the city, and the country. We also had welcoming ceremony and courtesy call. We met the stakeholders and administrators and eventually learned a lot of things from them. I also got the chance to know about my mentor and the grade I will be teaching. On September 8, we were also having an excursion around Manila. We visited many historical places like the Fort Santiago, Mall of Asia and the National Museum. It was truly a great experience.

   In the second week, we started to make, revise, and execute the lesson plan. We also were actually started to teach. On this week, I was teaching the students about subject-verb agreement. After teaching, then I had a mini-conference with my fellow student teachers (Aulia and Chris) and also of course with my mentor (Ma'am Bella). The conference was about feedbacks on our teaching performance. Mine was to improve my voice volume. The schedule was so packed, in this week, we also had the celebration of Teachers' Month. We practiced a lot in the first week to present special cultural performance. We presented the traditional song from Sumatra "Sik Sik Sibatumanikam" and the traditional dance from East Nusa Tenggara called "Gemu Famire or Maumere"

   In the third week, I had the second teaching practice. I taught the students about words with multiple meanings. Like usual a conference was being held after the teaching performance. This time I got compliments that I mastered my subject really well. Well, all the research and hard work were paid off. I also started to prepare for the grand demo teaching. We also had our second excursion this week. The weather was inclement, so we could not go to another city, Tagaytay, we only explored Manila instead. We visited the another museum, dancing fountain in OKADA, and Muslimtown in Quaipo.
   Finally, the last week of the teaching practicum. All of the student teachers had their exams aka grand demo teaching. My teaching performance was being observed, judged, and scored. My material was about idioms. The activities of my grand demo teaching were Pictionary game for motivating the students and to connect the material, then it followed by developmental activities which were explaining and pair work (dialogue/mini role play). The last activities were summative and concluding which to evaluate and see whether the lesson objectives were being achieved or not. I had tried all my best. It turned out the result was pretty good. Thank God. The farewell ceremony then was being held after the day of our grand demo teaching. We presented another traditional dance. It was the medley of many traditional songs across Indonesia. It marked the end of this beautiful teaching practicum program. It was quite hard to be honest, but in every beginning, there will also ending. I am not sad it ends, but I am happy and grateful this beautiful experience happened to me.