This was taken from my grand demo teaching. Different materials of course different procedures. However, basically they are similar just with some varieties and differences. The general things like opening, body, and closing usually applies everywhere.

Opening (Warm Up Activities)
First of all, I greeted the students. Then, the students would stand and greeted me back. Then it followed by attendance checking. After that, I usually provided a little game to motivate the students, to catch their interest and attention. And of course to engage and connect with the materials.

After finishing the game, then I proceed to the lesson. I explained first about the concept and I also asked students’ previous or background knowledge then further elaborate it. I also gave students chance to give examples. I also usually repeat the information to put emphasis. However, my reflection was I should increase my volume and I also should roam around more.

After the discussion, I usually also made the students collaborate with each other. Since that I taught a really big class (more than 40 students), I prefer to utilize pair work activity. This is far more effective. And student A works with student B who sits beside him/her.

After they created the dialogue, then they performed in front of the class.

Closing (Concluding, and Praying)
Before finishing the lesson, I asked the students to wrap up the class by giving a conclusion or summary. If I am becoming real teacher, of course, I also will assign homework or things to read to them, but because it was different then I directly proceeded to close the class by praying. Then I said goodbye. It was quite hard and emotional for me and my students thinking that maybe we won't ever meet again.