My suggestions will not be many as this program was already executed well. I would highly recommend to all the people who are organizing this project to create a community of seateachers also in social media preferably facebook. I believe many participants can share their teaching resources, experiences, insights, tips and tricks, and many more. 

I also have one suggestion for the website. It is to create a menu about important information such as deadlines, regulations, and stuffs. It is to avoid such unnecessary problems regarding students missed the deadline or confusion among students. 

In my case, my friends told me that the deadline for blog submission aka blog report was from 2 weeks after we got home to our home country. It turned out the submission was just a week after we got home to our home country. I believe that you all should be more generous, since, it was not easy to finish the blog in a week. I also was sick after the program, the schedule was so packed. Not only just me, there were also my friends who got sick after the program. We even presented our traditional dance twice in the Teacher's month celebration and farewell. And of course, they were two different dances and songs. We practiced almost every night. We were really happy to introduce our Indonesian culture to our Philippines friends. And when we had our grand demo teaching, we also researched and did a lot of work to design our teaching activities.