Below are some methods that I observed when the teacher taught the students in the UST EHS. The methods that the teacher used were varied depending on the timing and characteristic of the lessons.

Socratic Method
After the observation, I found that the Socratic method is the most used teaching method utilized by the English teacher aka my mentor. The teacher that I observed not just explained but also asked students many questions. Students were told beforehand about the material they would learn in the class, so they can be prepared. For example, when I observed the class, the material of that day’s meeting was about the story of Lam Ang. It is Philippines folklore. Then the teacher will ask the students about the story, from the beginning until the end. The questions are related to the story. When students answered and then they could get recitation points.

Lecture Method
When it comes to vocabulary and grammar related material, the method that she uses was the lecture method. She explained then usually, it was quite interactive as she involved students in the explanation by repeating the info (giving emphasis) and then asked the students about the example.

Group Work/Collaborative Method
There was also this thing called Performance Task, so when I was there, the students performed a mini-drama. It’s actually not really a drama. It’s more like dramatic reading. They were allowed to read the script. They were actually encouraged to maybe prepare music, however, they did not do that. But, at least, they still used some property to improve their performance.

Journal Questions Method
I oftentimes found that students also required to write about their reflection after the learning. The teacher usually gave them 5-10 minutes to write a paragraph answering the questions. The questions were about the moral value of the story that they just learn.

My conlusion about the teaching method is that the teacher here emphasizes more on student-centered methods. My teaching practicum only lasted for just a month, so I actually could not really say many things as I haven’t really seen many things.

I also noticed that the teacher did not really utilize technology or game. For me, this is neutral. As long as the students can achieve the objectives of the lesson, and they are spirited and happy when studying the subject, the technology and game are not that necessary. They might have already been exposed to technology when at home.