This was my lesson plan for the very first and also second teaching practice at the University of Santo Tomas Education High School (UST-EHS). The material was about the Subject-Verb Agreement for Grade 7 in the first quarter. It was a grammar lesson. Actually, my mentor, Ma'am Isabella told me that the term of the lesson plan used in this school is called "A Detailed Lesson Plan".

   The lesson plan followed the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. The lesson plan consists of the learning activity for a week. But, for my case, I just made a lesson plan based on the material. It was because my mentor was teaching about the literary piece and there were three student teachers. We, the seateachers, aka pre-service student teachers, got the other aspects (i.e grammar, vocab, reading, writing, speaking) except literary piece. We also ought to divide the materials so everyone can get the turn to practice. So, it is one meeting lesson plan. This one material lesson plan is actually having the same concept as teaching plan in my country, Indonesia. The lesson plan is made according to the material of the lesson. One lesson plan can consist of 1 until 3 meetings, but one lesson plan only covers one material. 

   Here is one of my resources in making the lesson plan. It is the school official book entitled Language in Literature: Philippine Literature. I had to make the lesson plan follows the material from the book, but of course, I could be creative and explored more.

   Talking about the lesson plan here in the Philippines, the lesson plan here was unique and of course different from the lesson plan I usually made and found in my country. The lesson plan here starts with the identity of the school, then it follows by the grade, quarter, school year, and classes information. It is the same, but only in a different format. The lesson plan here has four tables. The first table contains information about the learning content, date of implementation, content standards, performance standards, learning competencies, Thomasian Core Values, Thomasian Graduate Attributes, Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes, Instructional Design Model, Teaching Strategies, and Teaching Materials/Aids. I think for these four items (Thomasian Core Values, Thomasian Graduate Attributes, Institutional Intended Learning Outcomes), they distinguish the lesson plan from this school to other schools. The second table contains the teaching/learning encounter. It consists of Teacher's activities and Student's activities. It contains the script of the learning. For the teacher's activities, it contains the routine, and strategies activities. For the student's activities, it contains student's expected answers or replies. It's very interesting. The third table is about the references or sources of the learning process. The last table contains the information as following: the writer of the lesson plan, the reviewer, the date submitted of the lesson plan, and the approval column by the principal.

   I'm so thrilled and excited to finally teach the students after on the first week we just observed and introduced ourselves. My very first class was with Grade 7 Piety on Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019, 8-9 am. Then after teaching, I had a mini-conference in a conference room of UST EHS. The conference was about my teaching feedbacks, so that I can implement it better tomorrow. I had to teach the same material to the next class, Grade 7 Responsibility, on the next day, Wednesday, Sept 11, 2019, 7-8 am. 

   Below was my lesson plan for the 1st and 2nd teaching practices.
1st teaching practice: 7-Piety, 8-9 am, Tuesday, Sept 10, 2019.
2nd teaching practice: 7-Responsibility, 7-8 am, Wednesday, Sept 11, 2019.

1.2 Teaching plan related to your major