This was my lesson plan for the grand demonstration teaching. The material was about idioms for grade 7 in the first quarter. It categorized also as a vocabulary lesson, similar to my previous lesson plan which was about homonyms. Here was one of the resources for this material. This was taken from the official book used in the school. 

   It was quite nerve-wracking, to be honest. My grand demonstration teaching would be observed by the chair of UST college of education secondary education department, another English teacher, the coordinator of the UST-SEA Teacher Batch 8, my fellow student teachers and my mentor. Not only be observed, but will also be scored and graded. I prepared my best. I researched a lot on how to deliver the materials. I researched about the strategies, the materials, and, literally everything. I just wanted to do my best. This lesson plan also went through many revisions and corrections from my mentor, Ma'am Bella. Previously, I wanted to engage the students using a quiz, but my mentor told me that it should not be the case. So, I was thinking out loud on how to engage students, and the inspiration finally came. I decided to use the pictionary game, but of course with some modifications because it was a really large class with more than 40 students exactly 44 students (7 Responsibility) and 43 students (7 Piety).

   In this grand demo, there would be only one class that I will teach. It was because the other two student teachers would also have their grand demo in the next hours (9-10 for Aulia and 11-12 for Chris) on the same day.

   Below was my lesson plan for the grand demonstration teaching.
Grand demo teaching: 7-Responsibility, 7-8 am, Wednesday, Sept 25, 2019.

1.2 Teaching plan related to your major