After doing the observation, I saw that the teaching system here is quite the same as in my country, Indonesia. Classes are held from Monday to Friday, which is very good. In my country, Indonesia, some are still from Monday to Saturday. I believe students must have a good rest, so they can be happy and then learn more effectively.

  The school also has a flag ceremony every Monday, similar to Indonesia. This school starts the class at 7 am. The duration of each subject is one hour. But some can be two or three hours, especially for science and TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education). The class ends at 3pm according to the schedule of students below. However, when I saw my mentor’s schedule which was until 4, I guess the school provides 1 hour for extracurricular activity. This is really good.
Schedule of one of the classes that I observed.
My mentor's schedule
    For the teaching system itself, from my observation, I can say that the students are very active. I asked my mentor whether this school is the best school or what, because I was so surprised, the students here even knew the concept of homonym at grade 7. Isn’t that crazy? They are just really smart. It turns out that this school was in the top 10 performing private schools in Manila. The students here are selected by the test, and interview. Only those with high IQ can study here, and of course if they came from financially challenged families. This explains the reason why they are smart and fast learners.

   What I noticed also from this school is that there is a system called "Recitation Points". It is to help students if they have low scores on the exam but they are actually really active in the class. For me being active in the class is similar to respecting the teachers. They are really active might be because of the reward which is the recitation point. Interesting.

     In each subject, the class routines are almost the same as in my country. The teacher greets the students, then pray together, and follows by attendance checking. After that, start to proceed to the lesson with similar sequence like motivating, reviewing, explaining, discussing, and concluding.

     However, I found something really wonderful during my teaching practicum here, they have this activity called "Journal Questions". It is for students to reflect and connect the material or literature that they learned in the school to the real-life context. It is really meaningful and contextual. I also love to hear aka reading students' stories. It’s also a perfect medium for them to practice critical thinking, writing and grammar. When I become a real teacher, I am going to implement this activity. I remember one of the questions from this activity. The question was how do you show your love towards the people around you? It's a thought-provoking question. All the questions from this jurnal questions activity are thought-provoking.

1.3 Teaching System