University of Santo Tomas Education High School or usually called UST-EHS for short is a private junior high school in Manila, Philippines. EHS was among the Top 10 performing private secondary schools in Manila based on the results of the National Achievement Test and the National Career Assessment Examination in the School Year 2011 - 2012. I'm so thankful for this lifetime opportunity to do my teaching my practicum in this school.

    This school is located inside the UST complex, exactly on the fourth floor of college of education in the Albertus Magnus Building. The school vibe is very lively and positive. I remember that everytime I went to the school, there was always a student played the piano near the lift. Here are the UST EHS vision and mission.

    A great school must also have its rationale and objectives, actually not only just have but also strive to achieve its rationale and objectives. Here are UST EHS rationale and objectives.

    The UST EHS also has core values of the school. These values embodied in the naming of the classes, for example, 7 Responsibility, or 7 Piety. There are 8 values for 8 classes, ranging from grades 7 to 10.

Further details about the core values:
1. Dignity - reverence for every person for he/she is being worthy of honor and respect because of his/her attitudes and actions
2. Honesty - being an agent of truth who stands for uprightness at all times and manifests transparency in making decisions and actions
3. Justice - the meeting of persons in a context of equality and acceptance in a Christian atmosphere of concern and sharing for the common goal
4. Patriotism - commitment of being an agent of change who promotes nation building and social transformation
5. Piety - the cultivation of Gospel and Thomasian values as well as Christian attitudes among the members of the school community
6. Respect for others - concern for the promotion of human rights and total human development
7. Responsibility - spirit of dialogue, partnership, participation, teamwork, and collaboration in all endeavors for the good of all
8. Simplicity - love of and living out of modest and simple life style

Some snippets of the school:

Student Teachers from Pontianak, Semarang, and Bengkulu with the UST EHS Principal, Ma'am Quintana. She is really kind and nice. Stay healthy Ma'am^^

1.1 School Profile