Hello Readers! What a difficult week was passing by right? Early December was a nightmare for me. I just wasn’t prepared for the adversity that hit on me. I was truly miserable, anxious, and tired. My thesis writing which is my priority was abandoned and don’t get me started with my moving plan T_T. However, I’m so thankful now it is already passed. 

Actually, my problems were about my selflessness and workload. It was truly crazy for me to make 360 questions in a week T_T. I had to make 30 questions each for Math, English, and Science for my 4 students. I was shocked and I did not have a good strategy or time management as I am a newbie ckck. And what did I receive after working that hard? Nothing haha. This city that I live in doesn’t value teachers as human beings. 

Enough with the long intermezzo haha, today let’s be happy again coz the storm already passed. Next storm I will win and not be defeated like this haha. But I am grateful I survived tho. 

So my next problem after that problem is that I really want to enjoy myself and relax. I am thinking of playing a game but I already tried many and get bored. A classic problem for many youngsters. 

I realized I haven't tried card games. This time I want to give it a go.

Why not try the oldest card game ever. Solitaire. The most classic card game with long rich history.

Wow. It was a classic game. I remember I ever played this game when I was in Junior high school and it was 11 years ago. I played this game at my school computer lab. It was fun. Because computers were scarce back then I just saw my friends playing. I didn't get enough turns to play. The IT subject time was not accommodating all students to play the game as much as they like.

Now, I am beyond thrilled to be able to play the solitaire games again! The good news is that I can play for free and as much as I like. I spent hours having fun playing this game. I had a really good time.

It turned out this card game is not as easy as it might look like haha. This card game also has many different types with different rules.  

Here are the solitaire games that I tried;
1. Classic
2. Klondike
3. Spider
4. FreeCell 
5. Pyramid
6. Tripeaks
7. Golf

I would like to try until I win. Some types of games are quite not familiar for me and I lose many times T_T. Fortunately, I won in Solitaire Tripeaks hihi. 

1. Solitaire Classic

2. Solitaire Klondike 
2. Solitaire  Klondike
3. Solitaire Spider
4. Solitaire FreeCell 
5. Solitaire Pyramid A
5. Solitaire Pyramid B
5. Solitaire Pyramid C
6. Solitaire Tripeaks A
6. Solitaire Trepeaks B
7. Solitaire Golf

I highly recommend you guys about this website that provides solitaire games. There are 7 categories! I can't wait to try all the games. So far I have finished trying all the solitaire games category. I want to explore all the 6 other categories.  

I think I will be a regular to this website coz it's giving me great experiences. The website is free from annoying ads most importantly. I also think playing games like this will help me be better at focusing and being patient right.

I am so thankful given the opportunity to research and explore the games on this website. Hope you guys also check out the website that I just mentioned. You can click the link below:


See you on my next post^^.